• Most teachers are interest in student exchange program or collaboration for future sister school. Currently we have a wonderful KY. local teacher, Wang Yan that will be able to share her experience with you. ***

Dear Kentucky Chinese Teacher,

Re. 2008-2009 KACLT Survey of Interest

You are cordially invited to offer your input into how your association can help. Please rank the following submissions in order of importance. Please offer your own idea in the blanks. There are several questions at the end. Data will be compiled and presented at the Chinese Swap Shop.
Your input is valuable as our organization grows to better serve you.
  • More selection of Chinese sessions at Fall, Winter, and Spring KWLA
  • Collaborate with local Chinese School/Chinese Business Associations/University
  • AP Chinese course (s) at your School
  • Professional Development. Which area?
  • Affiliate state association with CLASS
  • Sustain organization for long-term goals
  • Increase Chinese participation at State Foreign Language Festival
  • Network with other Chinese Teachers in Kentucky
  • Advocate for Chinese language on State level
  • Improved Chinese teaching materials
  • Observation of other Chinese Teachers /Mentoring/Be Mentored
  • Take KY students to China/Bring Chinese students to KY
  • _

1. What topic would benefit you most for the KACLT Winter workshop (dates TBA)?

2. If you could invite anyone to be our Guest Speaker for KACLT Annual Meeting next year, who would it be? Why?_


Hours per week? Textbook used_ Are you certified?___

Thank you! I look forward to compiling your information and presenting it to you at the Chinese Swap Shop at KWLA.